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IVEX d.o.o. has been operating since 1988.

With our long existence, we confirm the quality of our services from which we highlight pressure tests of gas tanks, testing of safety valves and inspection of manometers, inspection of flow meters for propane butane and oil and complete reparation of gas bottles.

In addition to the above services we are able to offer gas boilers for heating of the most famous Italian manufacturer Beretta from the Riello group, gas tanks of various capacities as well as auto skid plants adapted to your needs.

gas industry
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maintenance of tanks and equipment
gas bottle reparation
We are able to offer you a wide range of services and products from the gas and oil industry
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Inspection of fuel flow meters
Testing of safety valves and manometers
Tank testing
Making an auto skid plant
Inspection of flow meters for LPG
Gas bottle reparation

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